Makemybadge.com was designed to manage release programs online, in a simple and user-friendly way.

Clients can take advantage of volume pricing, all the while having the possibility of ordering as little as one badge at a time.

Always know how many badges are left in your program at the click of a button.

See your badge virtually before approving it.

Makemybadge.com is your solution to all your name badge orders, whether you are a starting business, or a multinational.

Don't underestimate the importance of a name badge; remember it is the first step in dropping barriers that exist between strangers. If your importance in Customer Service and Client Care is high - name badges are a must.

Protect your Brand! If you are a multinational, or have multiple branches, it is important to centralize the distribution of name badges to protect your corporate image. It is important to have the same badge in the west, throughout the east. Protect your Brand!

Different applications for name badges:

Corporate representatives, Sales Reps, Customer service, in fact, every department that has contact with clients;
Events, exhibition, Shows, Annual meetings;
Restaurants, Bars & Bistros;
Theater, Hospitals, Car Dealerships, Garages;
Associations, Foundations, Non-profit organizations;
Every high-turnover personnel business

It all boils down to one thing; the first contact is friendlier when a name is available.

Read more about Name Badge Etiquette in our FAQs section.